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The final day of classes in the Mehlville School District is Monday, May 23rd.  It has been an amazing year thanks to our staff, parents and the community members who have given the District so much support during the past 12 months.  Click here to watch a video message from Dr. Chris Gaines about where we are as the school year ends, and where we are going during the 2016-2017 school year.
School Announcements
H.O.P.E. Project

My name is David Hofmann, I came up with the basic idea of the HOPE project last year 2015/2016.  I wanted my students to do a project that has them sharing with each other what “hope” meant to them.  Helping students realize that they have “hope” in their lives.                                                                                     I collected some of the supplies from the support of Ms. Pollie Richardson.  The boards, I purchased were from a person with leftover boards from a home project.  Then, I was able to get financial support for the rest of the supplies from Donor.org.  A web site that was created to help teachers finance classroom projects.  From Donor.org, we received Gesso, paint brushes, paint, and pencils.  Our staff at SCOPE donated their leftover water-based paint from their home projects.                                                                           The students first brainstormed about what “hope” meant to each of them.  A student came up with the idea of shaping the boards with the letters of “hope”.  Then, it took some out-of-the-box thinking for the students to get the boards arranged.  We used Gesso to prime all the boards.  We painted  large letters (H. O. P. and E.) on each set of boards.   Each student was allowed to take a board and paint what “hope” meant to them around the larger letters.  Next, we glued and clamped each set of boards together. We used polyurethane to clear top coat all the boards to help preserve them for many years to come.  Lastly, we installed the hardware and hung them in the cafeteria at SCOPE.                                                                            A special thank you to Ms. Richardson, Donor.org, and staff for their support in the H-O-P-E  project.  Thank you to all the students for all their creative thinking and hard work!  


Congratulations to all of our 2016 graduates as we celebrate our 20 year anniversary.   We would like to Thank, Royale Orleans (Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Miller) for their generous donation by providing us with a night to remember (dinner, dance and entertainment)!  We would also like to thank Sign-A-Rama for donating our graduation banner, Dave Myers for a monetary donation, McArthur's Bakery for cookies, Sams Club Warehouse for a gift card and Mr. Paul Banda for his motivational message to our graduates. Click here to see photos of graduates. Click here to see photos of the evening event.
St. Louis Cardinals Green Team
SCOPE participated in the St. Louis Cardinals Green Team on April 29. It was attended by Makena B.  The aluminum and plastic containers collected were recycled by the Cardinals Green Team. Staff and students receive the reward of completing community service hours. Helping to clean up the city and the environment is rewarding in giving back to the community. Over 15 large bags of recyclables from fans were collected and it was fun watching the Cardinals play the Washington Nationals.  The final score was Washington Nationals 5 vs St. Louis Cardinals 4.   Click here to see more photos.
Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin
Today, Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin, spoke to SCOPE students.  Their message of ‘not even once’ was delivered by two mothers who have lost a child to an overdose.  Two recovering addicts and a DEA officer also were present to discuss the importance of not trying drugs or alcohol, not even once. 
Walking for Wellness was created by Gee Vigna after she lost her daughter to a drug overdose.  There are now weekly walks across the country to spread awareness and give support to drug overdose, especially heroin.  For more information, visit www.stopheroin.org.  Click here to see photos.
Joe Fingerhut visits SCOPE
​On Wednesday, February 17th, a national speaker and St. Louis author, Joe Fingerhut, spoke to staff and students at SCOPE. Joe speaks at schools and conferences on leadership and success. His book is called “Permission to Play: How Teens Can Build a Life That is Fun, Fulfilling, and Promising.”  Students really enjoyed Joe's presentation and asked a lot of questions.  Anyone interested in purchasing or learning about his book can find more info at http://www.amazon.com/Permission-Play-Teens-Fulfilling-Promising/dp/0983080062/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456369514&sr=8-1&keywords=permission+to+play.
Click here to see photos.
Mrs. Barnes class
SCOPE middle school students have been creating dioramas depicting a scene from Brian's Winter, In the book,author Gary's Paulsen's thirteen-year-old character, Brian Robeson, is attempting to survive in the Canadian wilderness.   It's always amazing to see what students can do with a few cotton balls, twigs, and a shoe box!  Click here to see photos of this.
Mr. Hofmann's Art Room
Mr. Hofmann's Art Class has completed several projects this school year.  The newest one is the HOPE project. The HOPE Project is about students expressing what HOPE means to them.  Mr. Hofmann received funding for this project.  Materials were purchased with money received.  Each student was given a board 12" x 3" and had to write on their board what HOPE meant to them.   When completed, a mural will be displayed in the cafe'.  Click here to see photos as it progresses.  
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith is dual-enrolled at SCOPE in the Missouri Option program and Meramec Community College.  He will receive his high school diploma May 2016. When he graduates he will also have a year of college under his belt.  Patrick was named to the Dean's List for the Fall 2015 semester at St. Louis Community College at Meramec.  This honor is rewarded to students receiving a 3.5 GPA.  Congratulations !!!

Jazmynn Smith
Jazmynn Smith was a student who attended SCOPE/SSLCMS and graduated May 2015. Jazmynn completed boot camp in January 2016 at Paris Island, SC.  She has followed in her mother's footsteps of being in the military.  She will be returning to duty in 17 days and her station is unknown at this time.  She chose the Marine Corps because of the rigorous training.  Jazmynn will be learning auto mechanics while in the Marine Corps.  Congratulations!!!

SRO Bradley Murray

Officer Murray is registered with Missouri Conversation Department.  Two Research Scientists from Washington University requested our SRO Murray to kiln dry plants utilizing his lumber kiln for cancer research.  Once dried, the plant leaves will be taken to the research lab at Washington University to develop a treatment or cure for melanoma cancer.  Congratulations!!!  Click here to see more photos.

Mr. Hofmann receives Art Items
Mr. Hofmann researched an organization to help fund supplies needed for his art room. His research lead him to DonorsChoose.org. "Underfunded Classroom Needs Your Help."  He raised $158.00 to purchase supplies for his art projects.  Click here to see photos.
Staff vs Students Basketball Game
SCOPE students played basketball vs SCOPE staff on the last day of school before Winter Break. Staff included:  Nick Hasting,  Anthony Thebeau and David Hofmann.  The staff won all games played.  They raised $51.00 towards student's PBIS reward program.  Click here to see photos of the event.  
SCOPE Adopts Needy Family for the Holidays
SCOPE staff adopts a family for Christmas.  There were 7 children ranging in age 18 months to 14 years old.  SCOPE staff donated gifts and collected cash donations to purchase gifts for all family members including their guardian.  Click here to see photo.
Christmas Doors
SCOPE's annual Christmas Door Display.  Eleven doors were decorated by students and staff.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 15.  The winner is Ms. Falbe's. Click here to see photos of the doors.  
SCOPE volunteered to help MHS-National Honor Society Annual Shoebox Project improve the Holiday Season for underprivileged children in the St. Louis community.  To all the staff and students at SCOPE for their contribution in donating 12 boxes for this worthy cause, thank you.  The fact that this project stays in the St. Louis area makes us very happy.  Thanks and Happy Holidays!
SCOPE Health Fair

SCOPE hosted its annual fall health fair today.  We welcomed organizations within the St. Louis area into our classrooms to talk about various topics.  BJC School Outreach had an interactive lesson on diseased organs.  Student were able to see what healthy organs looked like in comparison to organs that were diseased due to tobacco or alcohol abuse.  Preferred Family Health graciously sent three presenters to speak about the dangers of tobacco and cyber bullying which included a lesson on what a digital footprint is.  Preferred Family also had an interactive lesson which included the use of fatal vision goggles.  The goggles purpose is to show students when they are under the influence of substances their actions are altered which could be fatal.  St. Louis County Dental Health Department had a presentation on proper brushing.  Finally, our own guidance counselor, Mr. Thebeau, presented on the benefits of a healthy life.  There was a lot to absorb from these very important topics.  If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse, Mrs. Kientzel, for more information.  Click here to see photos of health fair
SCOPE students visit Craft Alliance
SCOPE students were able to go to Craft Alliance on Grand Blvd on this visit.  Click here to see the photos of the event.
SCOPE students learn about Veterans Day
Today, SCOPE students learned what Veterans Day means.  Our School Resource Office, Bradley Murray has been with the St. Louis County Police Department over 24 years.  Officer Murray was with the Army military branch of service from 1986-1991.   He served in the Middle East, Panama and Germany during the cold war.  He brought in a shadow box displaying his metals and ribbons.  Students were impressed with Officer Murray’s medals and asked him several questions concerning his service in the military.
Mr. Ryan Boyd joined the Army in 1991.  He was in the service for 5 years and moved through the ranks to sergeant before he was discharged.   He was stationed in California and Georgia.  He was as an instructor teaching personnel entering the military various duties.  This early exposure to the classroom let him know that he wanted to be an educator once he left the military. Click here to see more photos.
HOPE Mural Project
I applied to http://www.donorchoose.org to fund a HOPE Mural project for art supplies.  It required me to complete a list of supplies needed which consist of:  wood glue, paint brushes, acrylic gesso (primer), markers, and watercolor pencils.
The HOPE mural project required four sets of boards that spelled H-O-P-E on each piece.  Each student will get a board with a HOPE letter and write on their board what HOPE means to them. This will be displayed in the halls at SCOPE to be a constant reminder, of what HOPE means to them and their peers.

Every person that donated to the project, I will email thanking them for their donations and help in funding this project. 

At this time, the project from Donorschoose.org has now been fully-funded. All supplies have been ordered and will arrive at SCOPE in early January 2016.  During phases of the project, I will take photos and up load them to the Donorschoose.org web site thanking them for their donations.
Mr. David Hofmann
Thank you!
SCOPE would like to Thank the community for their support of passing PROP R!
Mehlville School District Gives Back to the Community
Dan Gilman, Director of Mehlville School District Transportation Dept., is showing how Mehlville School District gives back to the community.   Dan, actually was a fireman in New York.  This training is very important to Mr. Gilman and Mr. Waser with the Mehlville Fire Department because it is coming upon the third year anniversary since the training began on SCOPE’s lower level parking lot.  In the past, vehicles involved were some wrecked cars and an old Mehlville School bus. This year, they have added to the bus and wrecked cars a dump truck and a semi-truck cab.  Neighboring fire districts are also taking advantage of this training.  Affton Fire Department, Lemay and Fenton have also been added to take advantage of this training.  SCOPE’s students were invited to see the wrecked cars and how each accident occurred. 
Please click here to see photos of event.
Health Fair coming to SCOPE
Wednesday, November 18 SCOPE will host its annual fall health fair.  We will have presenters from St. Louis County Dental Health, Youth in Need, Preferred Family Health, BJC Outreach and our own guidance counselor Mr. Thebeau.  Topics include the benefits of physical activity, dental health, tobacco prevention, conflict resolution and a display of diseased organs.  More information can be obtained from Nurse Jaymee.  
SCOPE Fights Hunger for the Holidays

St. Louis Rams and SCOPE teamed up to fight hunger for the holidays.  In just 2 days, SCOPE students, parents and staff collected over 400+ canned goods.  The tickets are for Sunday, November 1, 2015 game.  The top 8 winners, will receive 2 tickets to see the St. Louis Rams beat the San Francisco
49ers. The top winner was Miranda T. donating 105 cans.  The other 7 were as follows: Jenna S., Alexi D.,Breanna H., Brett C., Jemerio H., Haylee F. and Christina R. We would like to thank everyone who donated.  Click here to see photos.
St. Louis Rams Green Team Game 2
St. Louis Rams Green Team and SCOPE 
On Sunday, October 25 Blake Dopirak joined the Rams Green Team and collected about 8 bags of aluminum and plastic that the Rams will recycle. It was a great game, as the Rams beat Cleveland Browns 24-6.  Click here to see photos of this event.

SCOPE is participating in Red Ribbon Week, a national Drug Free event.  The theme this year is Respect Yourself, Be Drug Free.  Posters were made by Mr. Hofmann’s art class and every day SCOPE has a theme.  
Monday:  Mustache you to be drug free.  Wear RED & we’ll pass out red mustaches. 
Tuesday:  Sock it to drugs.  Wear crazy socks.
Wednesday: Shade out drugs.  Wear crazy shades/sunglasses. http://img.costumecraze.com/images/vendors/eloper/S24305-Cheetah-Rainbow-Sunglasses-large.jpg
Thursday: Lei off drugs.  Wear Hawaiian clothing. 
Friday: Team up against drugs. Wear sports attire. 
Click here to see photos of this week event.
Baby Francis
Baby Francis was presented to some SCOPE students this morning as an educational opportunity to increase the awareness of Fetal Alcohol/Drug Syndrome (FAS).  Francis is from Realityworks and simulates the crying and tremors real babies suffer with once they are born.  She also has facial and other body characteristics of FAS babies such as small eye openings, a flat philtrum (the groove above the lip), is small for gestational age and has a small head circumference.   The students learned that these babies suffer throughout childhood with behavioral problems and often learning disabilities. 
If you would like more information regarding Fetal Alcohol/Drug Syndrome please contact Nurse Jaymee.

Covenant House
Megan Gray and Freida Morris from Covenant House came to SCOPE on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.  They spoke to our students both morning and afternoon sessions on Runaway Prevention.  Click here to see photos of this event.
SCOPE Students Return to Craft Alliance
On Friday, October 9 SCOPE students returned to Craft Alliance for more hands on art.  Click here to see photos of the event.
On Tuesday, Sept. 29, KMOV reporter Mugo Odigwe and her photographer visited SCOPE. Ms. Pollie Richardson told how SCOPE began in 1996. She also shared how passionate she is about the students and how she wants them to be successful. A few students were interviewed as well as pictures were taken in the classroom and around the building. The news crew along with Mr. Wolff visited a little over an hour. The interview aired on KMOV on Thursday, Oct. 1 during the morning and evening news. Click here to view the video.
St. Louis Cardinals Green Team Game 2
SCOPE participated in the St. Louis Cardinals Green Team on September 21.  It was attended by Mr. Hofmann, Matt K., Mrs. Kadera and Ms. Falbe. The  aluminum and plastic containers collected were recycled by the Cardinals Green Team.  Staff and students receive  the reward of completing community service hours by helping to clean up the city and the environment.  It is rewarding to SCOPE  in giving back to the community.  They collected 20 large bags of recyclables from fans and it was fun watching the Cardinals beat the Cincinnati Reds 2-1!  The next Green Team game adventure is October 25th where the St. Louis Rams will beat the Cleveland Browns. Click here to see more photos.
Craft Alliance Provided An Art Experience for SCOPE

On September 18, 2015 Craft Alliance invited SCOPE students, both AM and PM sessions on a field trip to there Delmar location.  Students and staff were able to do hands on art which included glass blowing, pottery and metal working.  Click here to see photos.
St. Louis Rams Green Team Game 1
SCOPE participated in the St Louis Ram Green Team on September 13.  It was attended by Mrs. Kadera, and students Matt K, Antoin K.  Staff and students receive the reward of completing community service hours.  Helping to clean up the city and environment is rewarding in giving back to the community.  Over 20 large bags of recyclables from fans were collected and it was fun watching the Rams beat the Seahawks 34-31.  SCOPE's green team was stationed at the 50 yard line.  The next Green Team game adventure is September 21 where the St Louis Cardinals will beat the Cincinnati Reds. 
Click here to see more photos.
SCOPE remembers 9/11
American Legion Post #162 came to SCOPE/SSLCMS for a tribute to September 11, 2001. Although it has been 14 years, we still have not forgotten those who have lost their lives or loved ones on that day. The American Legion and SCOPE/SSLCMS honored those people on Thursday, Sept. 10, by the raising of the flag, playing taps and a riffle salute. Doing this every year in September makes us proud to live in America.
Click here to see video. 
Click here to see photos.
A Friendly Visit from our St. Louis County Police
St. Louis County Police took time out of their busy schedule to have lunch with SCOPE/SSLCMS's students.  Students were excited and impressed by their visit.  SCOPE/SSLCMS would like to thank the following officers:  Officer Dilks, Officer Templeton, Officer Voss and our very on Officer Peterson.  Click here to see photos.
St Louis Cardinal Green Team Game 1

SCOPE participated in the St. Louis Cardinals Green Team on August 31.  It was attended by Mr. Hofmann, Mr. Hemmerla (a friend of Mr. Hofmann), and student, Antoin K.  The  aluminum and plastic containers collected were recycled by the Cardinals or Rams Green Team.  Staff and students receive  the reward of completing community service hours.  Helping to clean up the city and the environment is rewarding in giving back to the community.  Over 30 large bags of recyclables from fans were collected and it was fun watching the Cardinals beat the Nationals 8-5!  The next Green Team game adventure is September 13th where the St. Louis Rams will beat the Seattle Seahawks! Click here to see more photos.
First Day at SCOPE
Students enjoying their first day at SCOPE.  Click here to see photos of students.
SCOPE Welcomes Dr. Chris Gaines

Dr. Chris Gaines comes and takes a tour of SCOPE school with Ms. Pollie Richardson - Principal
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